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EAFFY offers you a free tool "What is my IP" to check the location status of your device and network. You can easily hide your IP from hackers if you know what IP is showing.

What is IP address and what is my IP?

IP means Internet Protocol and IP address is a way to get the location of a device connected through networking or the internet. Every device uses two types of identity, one is physical for example MAC address and the second is logical which is called IP address. MAC address tell which device is used and IP address show ISP (Internet service provider) details and location of user or device. you cant access net without IP address its necessary to connect to the internet or other networks.
An IP address is a combination of two IDS, one is network ID and another is Host ID. IP address content 4 octet and each is of 8 bit and a total of 32 bits. Every octet could have a number between 0 to 255.

what is IP Address

IP address classes

IP address segregated in 5 classes according to the IP address range.

Class A IP address range to
Class B IP address range to
Class C IP address range to
Class D IP address range to
Class E IP address range to

Generally, Class A, Class B, and Class C IP addresses are used. Class D IP address is used for multitasking and Class E IP addresses are used for research and development.

Class A IP used for a large network and Class C IP is used for a small network.
In the above IP range example, you could see IP range 127 is missing, the full series of 127 is kept reserved for a special purpose which is called loopback address. for example, you can ping in CMS to check if your device network card is functioning or not.

what is my IP